5 of the Very Best Moments From the Bethesda E3 Press Conference

5 Best Moments From The Bethesda E3 Briefing

While many might be disappointed at the lack of any TES: VI announcements, Bethesda has still managed to put out a fantastic conference with trailers for content that is all being released this fall. This is one publishing company that knows not only how to hype a crowd, but how to deliver shortly thereafter. With some great honorable mentions not quite making the cut like Quake Champions or The Elder Scrolls: Legends, here are the 5 best moments from the Bethesda E3 briefing at E3 2017.

Skyrim Switch feature

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

In 2014 when Wolfenstein: The New Order released it managed to pump a lot of blood back into the first-person shooter genre. A weapon wheel, great story, and a ton of Easter eggs made it a blast to help good ol’ B.J. Blazkowicz topple the Nazi regime. It looks like the final American holdout is finally going down and it’s up to you and a team of resistance fighters to save the day once again. With some major Man in the High Castle vibes, this could be the most tense and action-packed Wolfenstein yet. If we’re lucky, we’ll end up with some DLC that proves to be just as good as The Old Blood as well. Only time will tell.

The Evil Within 2

While the first game had some issues, Tango Gameworks has been working hard to make The Evil Within 2 look riveting and horrific. The trailer this year, while cinematic, managed to evoke some seriously spooky vibes. If we’re lucky, this sequel is going to fix any issues you may have had with the first game, particularly in regards to the story and characters. While many were surely hoping for a new Elder Scrolls game in place of this, I have high hopes for this great entry into the horror genre, and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it on this October’s Friday the 13th.