Quake Champions Features Tournament Talk and New Playable BJ Blazkowicz

Bethesda’s Quake Champions Advertises Tournament and New Character

Bethesda’s E3 press conference was only an hour long, but jam-packed content in a non-stop trailer showcasing all their upcoming projects. One of them: Quake Champions and Quake Arena. Bethesda is really amping up the tournament talk, showing old clips from the ’90s when Quake began. They’re really focusing on tournaments, which is what keeps this simple twitch shooter alive. The grand prize: $1 million.

One new announcement is the addition of another character in the roster, modeled after our favorite Wolfenstein protagonist, BJ Blazkowicz.

Quake Champions

Blazkowicz’s signature ability: dual-wielding some shotguns and blasting some heads. Ride or die, baby. The trailer for <em>Quake Champions</em> and the reveal of BJ Blazkowicz can be found down below.