Konami Unveils Major Details On eFootball Championship 2022

Konami Unveils Major Details On eFootball Championship 2022 

Konami released eFootball for free on multiple platforms in late 2021. The game was highly anticipated by sports fans as a new twist on Pro Evolution Soccer, a popular and long standing football simulator. Unfortunately, the game released to a ton of criticism. Since then, Konami has been working on improving the game and has released various updates for it. Today, the company has released details about the Championship Open and Championship Pro.

The eFootball Championship Open is a competition where players from around the world could enter and compete across various consoles including PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Furthermore, the Open World Finals will facilitate mobile players who can join the fray. The competition will take place from 27th June to 31st July. Players will go through three rounds before the finals!

In the eFootball Championship Pro, eight of Europe’s top clubs will go against each other in a three-week showdown. Fans can look forward to European giants such as FC Bayern Munich, Manchester United and FC Barcelona. The teams will participate in this tournament from 4th to 26th June, with a group stage and knockout stages until the finals.

Interested fans will be able to view the competition on eFootball’s social media pages and can play eFootball for free today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and mobile devices.

The eSports industry continues to grow into 2022 and it’s great to see Konami supporting eSports within its games.

What are your thoughts on eFootball? Were you a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer series? What do you think about the upcoming Championship 2022? Are you interested in watching it? Are you a fan of eSports competitions? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Release