Call of Duty League Pro-Am Classic Kicks Off Next Week

Call of Duty League Pro-Am Classic Kicks Off Next Week

The Call of Duty League Pro-Am Classic will officially kick off on May 5th until Sunday May 8th. In this competition, four amateur teams or Challenger teams will be given the opportunity to prove their mettle against the twelve pro teams. The competition will take place in a break between the Major 2 and Major 3 of the League’s official schedule. Interested fans can watch the stream from May 5th live and for free on the official Youtube channel.

The Tournament will feature sixteen teams total, the twelve teams from the official League along with four teams that qualified from the CDC Minnesota Open. Those four teams that qualified are Ultra Academy NA, Team WaR, Ultra Academy EU and Strike X. The CDC Minnesota Open was held some time ago and various Challenger teams fought their way to a spot.

Players will first play each other in Group Stages before going into PlayOffs. There are four groups, each with three Pro teams and one Challenger team. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Playoffs. Thereafter, the teams will compete in the Playoffs in a Single Elimination format. Every match counts!

The Los Angeles Guerillas won Season 2 while Optic Texas won Season 3. Fans are excited for see the return of their favorite teams after a lengthy mid-season break. New maps have been added to the rotation and fans expect more tactics to be showcased. The eSports scene in Call of Duty is growing!

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