5 Amazing Games No One Played On Nintendo’s Wii U

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Although Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water ultimately received mixed and somewhat mediocre reviews, it was initially supported by fans when it was announced. The hype was due to it being the first main entry in the series since 2008, and the first to come overseas since 2005. Furthermore, the game was expected to make good use of the gyroscopic features of the gamepad in order to mimic a camera. While fans asking for this Fatal Frame to be localized were appeased, many were unhappy that a physical release for the game would be unavailable. Although sales are significantly below the 500k mark (at the time of writing), it had the third-strongest debut sales of any game in the Fatal Frame franchise. Fans of survival-horror as well as the Fatal Frame series should enjoy this game.

Wii U

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

What sort of Nintendo article would be complete without a Mario title? Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (read our official review here) was a gameplay driven Mario sports title. Although the gameplay itself is solid as usual, many game modes and features were left out of this iteration. Secondly, the title itself did not receive much promotion or advertisement from Nintendo. And lastly, was anyone really asking for another Mario Tennis game? Personally, I would have loved a Mario Baseball or another Mario Strikers game. I certainly will not complain about Nintendo releasing a Mario sports game, but I can see why it did not garner the success Nintendo hoped it would have.

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