WWE Champion AJ Styles Talks WWE 2K17, New Japan, and Promos

A COGconnected Exclusive – The Definitive AJ Styles Interview

At a recent WWE 2K17 press event, COG Connected’s Tyler Treese was able to sit down with WWE Champion AJ Styles for an interview. “The Champ That Runs The Camp” talked to Tyler about his upcoming appearance in WWE 2K17, his newfound confidence on the microphone, and his time spent performing in Japan. Check out the interview below:

COG: Ever since 2005 you’ve been known as one of the best in-ring talents, but what has really impressed me since you’ve come to WWE is your ability to cut a promo. That wasn’t known as one of your strong suits, but you’ve been one of the best in the entire company. Do you feel like you weren’t really given the opportunity in TNA to really show your personality as much?

AJ Styles: I think that the more you do something the better you’re gonna get at it, obviously. Once I got the mic in my hand and I believed what I was saying, it came out as a great promo. But a lot of times I felt like this doesn’t make any sense therefore I couldn’t put [my believability] in there because I had no passion for that promo. With the WWE, I can get behind the story we’re telling and I know who I am instead of them trying to tell me who I am. I know who AJ Styles is.

AJ Styles

COG: You were in Japan (performing in the New Japan promotion) the past couple years, and that’s an area known for their video games. I know you’re a big gamer, so did you hit up stores like Super Potato?

AJ Styles: Let me tell you this. If you’re going to Super Potato, go to Osaka. Those are the best ones that I’ve found. There are actually more than one Super Potato in Osaka, so you can go to multiple stores. It’s so awesome. I have so many different games in Japan. Osaka is probably my favorite city because of all of the retro stores.

COG: Are there any obscure pick-ups that you are really proud of?

AJ Styles: I got this really obscure PC Engine handheld [the PC Engine GT] that was my favorite pick up that I’ve gotten because you can play your game on the handheld, or you can plug the same cartridge into the [home console] system.

COG: One of the coolest parts of the WWE games is that they have past Superstars, and players can live out dream match-ups that never happened. Are there any dream matches that you’re looking forward to making yourself?

AJ Styles: There are so many. [AJ then checks to see if he could mention the DLC character he wants to play against as he wasn’t sure if it was announced yet.] Eddie. Eddie Guerrero is one of everyone’s heroes, and our styles are pretty similar. So, I think in the game we’ll have a pretty incredible match.

COG: This is your first year in the WWE game, which has to be exciting, but how excited are your kids? That they get to play as you.

AJ Styles: My second oldest loves wrestling and playing the video game. He’s excited about it and keeps asking me when we’ll get it. I keep having to tell him to be patient, and that hopefully we’ll get it before anyone else does. So, it’s pretty exciting. He’s loving it.

AJ Styles

COG: Final question. Are there any New Japan talent that you’d love to see in the WWE?

AJ Styles: Well, I wish I could’ve got [Kota] Ibushi as part of the WWE, but who knows what is going on with that. There are definitely several guys that come from Japan that live in the states that could come to the WWE. Like the Young Bucks, I think everyone would love to see them as part of the WWE. I’d love if we could get the rest of the Club in there. There are so many guys that could come to the WWE and do really well. Those are just some of my friends that I’d love to see here.

To see more of AJ Styles you can watch Smackdown Live on the USA Network every Tuesday at 8PM EST, and can follow him on Twitter @AJStylesOrg.