4 Reasons to Get Pumped for Warframe: Plains of Eidolon

We Talked with Rebecca Ford of Digital Extremes About Plains of Eidolon at PAX West 2017

Imagine a game with high-end graphics and quality, player customization, crafting features, global events, online multiplayer, and gameplay to make you feel like the ultimate interstellar badass. How would you feel if I told you this game not only exists but is free? Warframe, from developer Digital Extremes, has been around since 2013 in your digital store just waiting to be installed. The game has seen several updates and add-ons over the years, expanding it into a massive community and experience, yet it’s now, four years later, that Digital Extremes is giving us the largest, most sought after update that the fans could ever want. At PAX West 2017 I was privileged with the opportunity to sit down with Community Manager Rebecca Ford and discuss with her – both as a journalist and as a fan of the game – what lies in wait for us in the upcoming free update Warframe: Plains of Eidolon. Here are just 4 reasons to get excited about your Tenno’s newest adventure.

4. As Far as The Eye Can See

The most prominent of the new features for Plains of Eidolon comes in the plains themselves: the update gives players an open world to explore for the very first time. Previous missions were small, randomly generated sections with a simple task to complete and then extract. The plains, however, will add all manner of terrain to explore, settlements to encounter, and Grineer bases to destroy. The update has been painstakingly crafted and looks absolutely phenomenal in action. As well as having the open world – which can be explored both on foot and with the use of an archwing if you have crafted one – Eidolon will feature a network of hidden caves to explore containing powerful enemies and plenty of loot. These caves will be randomly generated much like the missions present in the original game.

Warframe Eidolon

3. Lock and Load

With a new landscape comes new combat options. As seen in the gameplay video, players can take to the sky with their archwing and explore the plains, raining down fire on your enemies from the sky. The Grineer, in hopes to counteract that, will deploy both ground units and aerial units simultaneously to shoot you back down to the ground. Players should rejoice that this new open world means that being a sniper is finally an effective method of combat, with vantage points, sniper towers, and wide open spaces to pick off your opponents from afar – something that couldn’t be done in the game’s original close quarters. The Grineer are taking no chances with the Tenno this time around, as they have deployable reinforcement droids. Should you fail to destroy the droid in time, color-coded flares will fire and call in more Grineer of varying skills and abilities. Heading into the plains with a squad of four Tenno should lead to some truly epic battles.

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