4 Things Destiny 2 Needs to Be a Massive Success

4 Things Destiny 2 Must Do to Succeed

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The first Destiny managed to pull in a large player base, many of whom are still active today. With Destiny 2 around the corner, Bungie is hoping to not only bring all the previous Guardians back but entice a whole new audience as well. Destiny 2 should be a great game on its own to get gamers sucked in, not just a great sequel. If they want to hit their new goals, they better hit these four marks. As we prepare to get even more hands-on time with the game at E3 2017 we’ll be excited to report back on all the new info we find.


Guided Games Can’t be Simple LFG

When Bungie announced the addition of Guided Games in Destiny 2, my initial reaction was fairly subdued. Is this really something many people would use? Then my moment of stupidity lapsed and I realized it’s just a revamped looking for group system. LFGs are fairly popular in MMOs but are often criticized for not always grouping people up in optimal dungeon or raid scenarios. What sets these Guided Games apart from the standard LFG is having all but one of the group pre-made with clan-mates. This is great news for the solo players hoping to find a group, but I’m curious how often an established raid group will have a need for an extra Guardian. There was some hinting at incentives for clans that offer up help and I think that’s the key to keeping this feature alive. I’m guessing that many of the newcomers will likely start out as solo players, the perfect target audience for the “fill” side of Guided Games. If their experience with finding random groups is less than stellar, their chances of returning dwindle.

Destiny 2

Immersive World and Story Telling

If you’re a newcomer and you watched the trailer chances are you didn’t get the same visceral reaction from the characters or the setting. You likely have no idea what the story surrounding the world of Destiny is. You’ve heard good things about the first game and might be thinking the sequel will be a good way to get into action, but you might be wondering if the having no backstory from the first game will diminish your experience. If the dev team wants to have a swath of new players, they will need to be wary of how they tell the story are present the world. The new map that was shown in the Destiny 2 reveal keynote looks like a good start; being able to quickly glance at objectives rather than knowing specific location names will surely help. But what about characters? Destiny 2 can’t simply rest on its laurels when it comes to the personalities and backstories of all the characters. Not every detail needs to be explained from the first game (leave some inside jokes for veterans, for sure), but the characters still need to arc and develop over the course of the sequel and not just simply return.