The 3 Best and 3 Worst Games From September 2018

3 Up, 3 Down – September 2018 Edition

September came and went, but it doesn’t go down without a fight. September saw some of the most talked about games in months, as well as the returns of some of our favorite franchises. August was led by Dead Cells and Electronauts, but this month we pushed towards the holidays with some big releases. Let’s take a look at the three best and three worst games from September 2018.

The Best



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With a title like “The Best Superhero Game Ever Made,” you can tell we here at COG have some positive emotions about the long-awaited Spider-Man. With everything from stellar graphics to compelling story, this game was like waking up on Christmas morning with a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree. In our review, we said that Marvel’s Spider-man was “unbelievably gorgeous, ridiculously polished, and packing everything you’re looking for from a Spidey experience.”

Life is Strange 2 – Episode 01 – Roads

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The sequel to the highly acclaimed cult classic Life is Strange had high expectations to beat, but the first episode of the new series managed to rise above them and bring us right back into the world of Arcadia Bay (or Arcadia Bay-adjacent-Seattle, as the case may be). With its strong narrative and Telltale-like decision-making, it’s no surprise that we said we “believe it would have been a hit even if no one had ever heard of the first game.”

Two Point Hospital

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Two Point Hospital is a throwback to the great tycoon games of the ’90s that will finally scratch that itch you’ve had for the past twenty years. The game manages complexity without the high learning curve of many similar games, and the gameplay and writing isn’t just good, it’s funny, merging humor with the small and large scale decisions that need making when you run a hospital. No wonder we said, “this game will suck many hours of your life from you before you know it, but along the way, it will also deliver a healthy dose of fun and laughter.”

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