Everything From 2022 That Can Totally Get F*cked

4. Crypto/NFT Games

Who enjoys this stuff? Show me, and I’ll show you a sick individual. It’s a coin toss as to what I would enjoy more: playing the latest crypto/NFT game or getting my hand stapled to a step stool.

Ubisoft NFT Games

3. Cross-Gen Games Limiting Developers

This one has left me hot and bothered for some time now. If 2023 isn’t the year we collectively leave the last generation in the dust, I’m trading in my PS5 for a sewing kit. How many games will be handcuffed by the PS4 and Xbox One before we agree enough is enough? And if you disagree because you still haven’t upgraded your system, retire from the vids and get a sewing kit.

If any developers consider dropping anything on the old consoles this year, quit your jobs and get a sewing kit.

2. 343 running Halo into the ground

Man, I miss Master Chief’s glory days. Long gone are the times we held the Halo franchise near and dear to our hearts. All that’s left now is a game that feels as if it were made by people that would run outside with a fork when it’s raining soup. I’d ask that 2023 be the year Halo Infinite is no longer considered a laughing stock, but let’s be honest. 343 has as much chance at doing that as I do at living out my dream of becoming one of those people that needs a forklift to get me out of the house.

Halo Infinite

1. Broken Games at Launch

I can’t believe this is even a thing. When did the 2022 memo say it was suddenly okay to launch a broken pile of shit disguised as a game?

Remember how sweet it was before the video game “patch” existed? Developers had one shot at getting their game right. One opportunity. Would they capture it? Or let it slip? It was a beautiful time in gaming. And one that makes you not realize what you had until it’s gone.

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