10 Star Wars Games LucasArts Wants You to Forget

Kinect Star Wars (2012)

2012 was clearly a dark time for the Star Wars brand, as Kinect Star Wars also found its way to store shelves that year.¬†The game featured four half-baked game modes, with the most infamous being the Galactic Dance-off. This Dance Central rip-off is almost so bad that it’s good, thanks to some poorly written parody songs. Similar to 2008’s Lightsaber Duels, this was yet another disappointing Star Wars entry that did nothing with the interesting technology it was built around.

Star Wars 1313 (Canceled)

The biggest casualty of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm was the internally developed Star Wars 1313. The impressive looking action-adventure title looked genuinely interesting, as it was going to explore territory rarely covered by Star Wars games by taking place in a shady, underground area of Coruscant. It also got away from the constant usage of Jedis, and looked to be taking inspiration from¬†Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. So, just try to forget that the Star Wars game you actually want is gone forever, and just accept what Electronic Arts serves up for players. After all, you won’t be getting anything else.