10 Star Wars Games LucasArts Wants You to Forget

Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon (2003)

A video game based upon Han Solo and Chewbacca’s space adventure sounds awesome, right? What if we told you this game was made, but for the Game Boy Advance. In a perfect example of a decent idea on the wrong platform, Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon was an ambitious 3D shooter on a handheld that excelled at offering 2D titles. As the screenshot below shows, the game was a technical mess that played as well as it looked.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Lightsaber Duels (2008)

When the Nintendo Wii’s innovative motion controls were first shown off, many people’s first reaction was to think about how awesome a Star Wars game would be on it. It would take two years, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Lightsaber Duels allowed players to live their fantasy of wielding a lightsaber via their Wii Remote. Sadly, the game better left as a fantasy since it ended up being a massive disappointment. The controls couldn’t capture the player’s movements accurately (remember this was before the Wii MotionPlus add-on), and it instead became a forgetful wagglefest.

Angry Birds Star Wars (2012)

Quite possibly the only crossover that was desired less than Mario and Rabbids, Angry Birds Star Wars was a licensed twist on Angry Birds Space. The mobile version isn’t a terrible game, if you can get past seeing the Angry Birds versions of such iconic characters, but the console port was embarrassingly priced at nearly $50 by Activision. Five years later, it can now be found in bargain bins for a much more appropriate price, but the sticker shock is still fresh in the minds of many gamers.