Pokemon and Mario Advent Calendars Released

Discover the Delight of Daily Surprises with Super Mario, Pokemon, and Star Wars Advent Calendars

As December unfolds, the festive spirit is amplified by the cherished tradition of advent calendars, offering a daily dose of excitement. While the ideal start is December 1, there’s no harm in catching up by indulging in the array of video game and movie franchise advent calendars available at various retailers, including Super Mario, Pokemon, and Star Wars themes. Embrace the holiday cheer and stay on Santa’s nice list by exploring these delightful advent calendar options.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game advent calendar stands out with its bountiful contents. Priced at $35 (originally $50), this festive treasure includes eight foil Pokemon TCG cards, a festive stamp, five Pokemon TCG booster packs, and seven Pokemon TCG three-card packs. Additionally, two Pokemon coins, sticker sheets, and a Pikachu or Glaceon sidekick dangler are nestled inside an appealing box. To sweeten the deal, a code card for Pokemon TCG Live awaits, making this calendar a must-have for Pokemon enthusiasts.

For a unique twist, the $45 Funko Pop Pokemon advent calendar offers 24 exclusive Funko Pocket Pops featuring beloved Pokemon characters. From Pikachu to Charizard and Umbreon, these miniature figures bring pocket monsters to life, ensuring a delightful surprise each day.

Enter the festive galaxy with the Star Wars advent calendar, featuring reimagined characters adorned in holiday-themed attire. Picture Darth Vader wielding a candy cane weapon, adding a touch of Christmas flair to the iconic Star Wars universe.

Nintendo fans can revel in the Amazon exclusive Super Mario advent calendar. Bursting with 24 Super Mario characters and accessories, including special editions like Santa Mario, Snowman Mario, and Snowman Luigi, this calendar promises daily doses of nostalgia and joy.

As an extra treat for Marvel enthusiasts, consider the Lego Spider-Man mask, a 500-piece model portraying the iconic hero. Available for pre-order, this Lego set adds a creative touch to the holiday season, making it an ideal gift for Spider-Man fans.

Embrace the festive countdown with these enchanting advent calendars, each offering a unique blend of surprises that cater to the heart of every gamer and movie aficionado. Dive into the spirit of giving and receiving joy with these delightful daily discoveries.