10 Superheroes in Need of a Major Video Game Release

5.  Booster Gold

Another lesser-known DC hero, Booster Gold has a story and character ripe for a major video game adaption. For the uninitiated, Booster Gold is a flashy tech-based superhero hailing from the future. Originally a showboating glory-hog, Booster has seen different writers take him in different, and often compelling, directions.

Often paired with his robot Skeeter, Booster’s adventures see him jumping through time, which provides developers with a bouquet of interesting potential settings. Additionally, being from the incredibly far off future, developers have complete freedom in designing a multitude of gadgets for players to have fun with.

4. Batman (Terry McGinnis)

I know what you’re thinking, why is a Batman game on this list? Hear me out. 2000’s Batman Beyond animated series presented a completely different Batman than fans were accustomed to, both thematically and stylistically. Terry McGuiness offered viewers a Batman that seemed closer to Peter Parker, than Bruce Wayne. Balancing schoolwork, family life, saving Gotham City, and teenage love triangles, Terry’s journey to herohood looked vastly different than anyone who has dawned the cowl before.

Set in the future with drastically differently designed Gotham and flying, a Batman Beyond game could take everything successful about the Arkham series, and give it a cyberpunk spin. Active camouflage, advanced computer shenanigans, and other sci-fi staples that didn’t fit the atmosphere of previous Batman games all can find their place in a potential Batman Beyond game.

3. The Punisher

Few superhero games have the option to also incorporate solid gunplay, but The Punisher is one high-caliber vigilante who can fit that bill. With a variety of games to take inspiration from, potential developers have GTA-like sprawling open world set in New York city, a more focused linear campaign akin to The Last of Us. Regardless of the style, the development of Punisher game would let players dive in to the gritty side of Marvel’s street-level scene and deliver some old-school Frank Castle justice.

2. Superboy

In the absence of any major Superman game since 2006 (or 1999’s notorious Superman 64), fans have speculated on how a theoretical Superman would precisely play out. With Clark Kent’s strength and speed being virtually unmatched, developers may struggle with developing gameplay that is both comic-accurate and challenging without sideloading on an additional component that deemphasizes combat, like a mechanic that puts a player in a fail state if too much environmental damage or too many bystander fatalities occur.

An alternative to directly making a Superman game is focusing on the members of the half-human Superman family, most notably the half-Luthor, half-Clark, clone Connor Kent, or Supes’ son himself, Jon Kent. A game featuring these Superboys would allow developers to still prominently feature Superman while affording the gameplay some wiggle room with combat. These young half-kryptonians who’ve yet to master their powers afford developers plenty of opportunities to design a game based around their growth as heroes.

1. Daredevil

Making an appearance from our previous list, Matthew Murdock’s Devil of Hell’s Kitchen should have starred in a major game long ago. With Spider-Man-like acrobatics, Batman’s hand-to-hand combat skill, and intimidating aesthetics to boot, many fans were hoping Daredevil would be Insomniac’s next Marvel project. With the announcement of Wolverine, Daredevil fans are still drooling at the mouth waiting for content while rumors regarding the character’s status in the MCU swirl, and a AAA video game release may be just what Juris Doctorate ordered.

The skeleton for a Daredevil title already exists within the DNA of both the Arkham games and 2018’s Spider-Man. Assuming that some form of sensory mechanic would be added to simulate Matt Murdock’s power, very little groundwork needs to be done to develop the concept. Who knows, maybe developers could even include Ace Pheonix-like mini-game to let players flex their sensory abilities in a courtroom.

Honorable Mentions

  • Venom
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Arrow
  • Luke Cage

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