Far Cry 6 – 10 Essential Tips, Tricks and Things You Need To Know

6. You Need Two Ammo Types. Always.

Whether you love it or hate it, the new system of enemies being weak or resistant to different types of ammo means that either you have to be really good at head shots — they almost always do the trick, no matter what kind of ammo you use — or you’ve got to load up with both armor piercing and soft target ammo for every battle. This basically means having two guns, each with a specific ammo upgrade. There’s no way around it. Use the wrong ammo and even the weakest grunt takes forever to go down.

7. Where the Hell is the Gunpowder I Need?

It took me forever to realize that the secret ingredient to many Resolver upgrades — gunpowder — was stashed away in crates and Libertad caches, along with much needed Supremo bonds. How do you find them? They’re scattered around liberated FND bases, but also when you free a random prisoner being detained by a soldier, they’ll mark them on your map, as will some of the soldiers you bribe.

8. Have a Plan for Your Camp

Once you reach the main island and start the game proper, you’ll very soon have the opportunity to settle in to your first guerilla camp, and one of your first tasks will be upgrading it. You can only unlock two upgrades per camp, so the first few choices you make are critical. Want access to better weapons to buy (instead of having to stumble upon them in the world)? Then pick the garrison upgrade, which opens up a lot of important weapons and add-ons early in the game. Second choice would be the banditos barracks add-on, which gives you some really useful gear. Last on my starter list would be the hideout upgrade, which unlocks additional fast travel points.

9. Find the Secret Ending and It’s Immediate Game Over

This isn’t really a tip or a trick, but there’s a secret ending right when you get to the main island. Well, more of a choice, actually. ‘Nuff said.

10. Love Your Amigos

Far Cry 6’s animal amigos aren’t just cute and cuddly companions, they’re cute and cuddly weapons of war and almost always come in handy. Make upgrading them and completing their missions a priority. If you really want to up your early game, try to unlock Oluso the black panther. Deadly, mysterious and almost impossible to take down once fully leveled, the quest to obtain this cool cat is a complex and arduous one, but comes with some excellent Supremo upgrades as a side benefit.

Are you digging Far Cry 6 so far? It’s an easy game to get lost in, and while it sometimes seems like there’s too much to do, the main campaign is always there to keep you on track. So, get your shots, have your papers in order, and enjoy your visit to Yara!

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