New Sony Patent Shows PS5 With Multiscreen Capabilities

In a brand new patent made by Sony, there are a bunch of pictures and information discussing bringing multiscreen capabilities to the PlayStation 5. The inclusion of multiscreen could open up brand new possibilities for consoles and would close the gap towards PC gaming even further.

Why Xbox Series X isn’t Jumping into VR

The next generation of consoles are looking like straight killers. With VR also being one of the hottest new toys right now, it’s a bit surprising to find out that Xbox Series X doesn’t have any current plans of adopting the VR. With Playstation 5 supporting PSVR, what’s Microsoft’s reason behind not adopting the VR? 

Capcom’s Deep Down is Still Alive

I’m not kidding you when I tell you that just last week I was thinking to myself, what happened to that Capcom dark fantasy action game? I remember being hyped as all hell when the trailer for Deep Down came out for it to just disappear. But apparently, Capcom just renewed their trademark for Deep Down!