Mirthwood Just Released Its Official RPG Features Trailer

Take a Look at the Trailer of Mirthwood Right Now

Get ready to embark on an epic journey and forge your path in the upcoming medieval fantasy game Mirthwood. Bad Ridge Games just released a new narrated gameplay trailer showcasing the RPG elements of this open-world life simulator. Moreover, the game is coming out on PC in Q3 of 2024 in partnership with the publisher V Publishing, so stay tuned for further updates.

This new trailer allows players to get a glimpse of the meticulously crafted world of the game. It also showcases the quests, loots, exploration, reputation, and character progression that creates a deeply immersive experience. The game puts a huge emphasis on skill development through action. As players engage and progress in the world, their abilities enhance, unlocking unique skill cards that help them create their preferred play style.

It also showcases the trusty pet you will find on your journey. These loyal companions can accompany the players, providing assistance and companionship throughout the game. Or they can also be kept at your home instead, happily waiting for your return.

The game is also expanding the horizons by allowing players to recruit NPC companions that will fight by their side. Not only that, but the developer also unveiled a new mechanic called “Falconry”. This allows players to form bonds with avian friends that will help them navigate and discover hidden treasures.

The path that you choose and the gears that you equip will reflect how denizens of the game perceive you. You can become anyone you want, from the lovable comedian to the reclusive woodsman, the choice is all yours. So, are you ready to forge your path in this medieval fantasy world?