Block Strategy Just Dropped a Brand-New Trailer

Join the Battle in Block Strategy

The indie game developer Marc Makes Games has released a brand new gameplay trailer for its upcoming title Block Strategy. The trailer showcases the different structures, troops, and mechanics of this amazing RTS base-building and defense game. It will be coming out on Steam in Q3 of 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.

Block Strategy is a real-time strategy, base defense game that features a fully destructible world. In the struggle to secure the final habitable world, humanity’s combat robots must fortify their strength and secure resources to fuel their reactor. All the while facing relentless attacks from enemy robots. Traverse the terrain, take down enemies, and gather resources to build and safeguard your base.

Position the buildings for extra units, and generate more resources over time. Power up your base and defend against the incoming onslaughts. The enemies attack at specified intervals, providing ample time for you to explore and gather resources.

Develop a maximum of six heroic units that can level up and enhance with diverse weaponry and skills. These enhancements enable units to specialize further, assuming roles such as damage dealers, healers, tanks, and beyond.

Explore different terrains, fight bosses, and complete events to get additional rewards. Not only that, there are caves that fade out the blocks above, providing an extra level of verticality to the world.