Dicefolk Is Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year

Get Ready to Roll in Dicefolk

Developers LEAP Game Studios and Tiny Ghoul, and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment have announced that Dicefolk is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Yes, the amazing tactical roguelike deckbuilding and monster-catching game will finally make a mark on Switch after its successful launch on Steam in February.

Dicefolk is a tactical roguelike game that features customizable dice and unique monster-catching elements. You will play as Alea, a young Dicefolk hero with the ability to make friends with Chimera. And set out on an epic adventure to save humanity from the clutches of an evil sorcerer.

There is a variety of unique and powerful creatures that you can recruit to build the perfect team. Not only that, there are unlockable talismans that hold the mystical secrets behind the existence of these Chimeras.

To come out victorious, you must master and make proper plans with the Chimeras. And adapt your playstyle to suit various encounters. All the while fostering friendship and command. Every Chimera offers a distinct skill set, ranging from facing resilient tanks or nimble attackers. All your tactical decisions will decide the outcome of every battle.

Not only that, you can even customize your dice for maximum influence over your Chimeras’ attacks and abilities. Carefully manage the sequence of battles and dictate when parties act. The game challenges randomness, offering unparalleled control over dice rolls. Of course, as a roguelike, every playthrough offers different rewards and encounters, adding a layer of replayability.