Mirthwood Inviting Players to a World of Adventure

An Open World to Explore

The world is at your fingertips. And what a vast world it is. Of course, there will be a lot to do and a lot more to explore. But you’ll have plenty of time for that. Today, Bad Ridge Games and V Publishing are happy to reveal their in-development life-sim adventure game, Mirthwood. Inviting players to a magical world, the game aims to leave the world for the player to define. A press release provides some details on the game itself. Additionally, players can check out the announcement trailer which will allow players to take a peek at the world that awaits them. 


Mirthwood allows players to create their own adventurer, a refugee having freshly fled from a war-torn continent. Of course, players will arrive in a new land, full of new opportunities. Yet, the way you lead your life is up to you. Those who want adventure can journey through the land and face off against formidable monsters, finding adventure in treacherous forests and exploring ancient ruins. However, that is not all players can look forward to. Those seeking a simple life can choose to settle down and tend to their very own farm, complete with crops, orchards, and animal rearing. 

Of course, much more awaits players in this world. From forming relationships with the local townspeople to trading, and even grand adventures. Check out the announcement trailer for a quick glimpse of the game. View it below. 

Mirthwood is set to arrive on PC in early 2024. So, are you ready to enter a world of possibilities?