Escape From Mystwood Mansion Just Got Full Controller Support

Experience Escape From Mystwood Mansion in a New Way

The indie game developer Lost Sock Studio is thrilled to announce the release of Update 1.1.0 for their highly acclaimed debut title Escape From Mystwood Mansion. The exciting part is that the update comes with Full Controller Support. This allows players to immerse themselves in this thrilling first-person escape-room experience using a Gamepad.

The game originally came out on Steam back in September 2023 and has managed to garner “Very Positive” reviews on the platform. You can purchase it right now for just $16.99/€16.49/£14.29.

Escape From Mystwood Mansion

Escape From Mystwood Mansion is a first-person escape-room puzzle game. Lost Sock Studio meticulously crafted the game for over two years with pure dedication and passion. You play as a victim trapped inside the mysterious Mystwood Mansion. The only way to escape is by overcoming a series of challenging puzzles, decoding cryptic messages, and unearth the secrets concealed within the walls of the mansion.

Explore alluring rooms with distinct environments, each featuring its own unique charm and mysteries to unravel. Put your intellectual and creative skills to the test as you tackle a diverse range of intricate puzzles and ciphers.

The game also features a dynamic hint system that will you in the right direction and progress through the game. Not only that, there are multiple endings to discover and various secrets to unravel.