Escape from Mystwood Mansion Receives New Demo

A Mysterious Mansion 

Get ready to put your puzzle solving skills to the ultimate test. Are you going to stick around the mansion and find out the ultimate secret? Today, Lost Sock Studio is happy to unveil a new demo for their puzzle escape room game, Escape from Mystwood Mansion. The Demo, out now on Steam, transports players to a single room in the Mansion that players will need to work their way out of. A press release provides more details on the game itself as well as the demo. 

Escape from Mystwood Mansion

Escape from Mystwood Mansion places players inside the mysterious titular mansion. Of course, players find that they are locked inside with seemingly no way out. So, it seems that the only way to go is further into the mansion. Here, players will face more and more puzzles. As players explore they will learn more about who has set up these puzzles. Of course, to do this players will need to investigate. This includes, deciphering codes, investigating 3-D items, and more. Additionally, the choices players make while they uncover the different secrets provide multiple endings to the story. 

Players can choose to stay within the mansion as long as they want. This will allow them to uncover more and more of the secrets. However, maybe staying could be detrimental. Or maybe, staying will just allow you to figure out the final secret located in the mansion. 

The Escape from Mystwood Mansion Demo is available now on Steam. Additionally, the game is currently available to wish list. So, will you enter the mansion?