Dream Tactics Is Bringing the RPG Adventure on Steam Next Month

An Epic Journey Awaits in Dream Tactics

Developer Spectra Entertainment and publisher Freedom Games are thrilled to announce the release date of their upcoming title Dream Tactics. It will be coming out on PC via Steam on 15 April 2024 for a standard price of $17.99. Moreover, a free demo is already available on the platform for everyone to get a first-hand experience of the game before its official release.

Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics is a GBA-styled tactical RPG with rich character customization, strategic combat, and innovative card mechanics. Assemble a formidable team, harness the power of card combos, and embark on an epic journey to save the Dream World from the Dream Eater.

Players will be joining the unlikely hero, Neru, and set off on a journey in a race of time. Fight against hordes of mischievous pillows trying to stop her from saving the Dream World. Given Neru’s constrained understanding of Reverie, the magic of the Dream World, each choice holds significant weight as players tactically navigate battles and uncover mysteries within this fantasy realm.

Along the way, players will unlock new cards, and discover powerful items. Form your own unique play styles to overcome increasingly difficult challenges. Whether you wish to unleash devastating magical assaults, fortify your defenses, or deploy cunning tactics, the decision lies within your hands. So are you ready to prevent the collapse of the Dream World?