Wizard With a Gun Launched It Free Bounty of Guns Expansion

Check Out the New Content in Wizard With a Gun

The indie video game developer Galvanic Games is proud to announce the launch of the free Bounty of Guns update for Wizard With a Gun. To celebrate this monumental update, the base game is temporarily available with 40% off on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Additionally, the Gunmancer Pack DLC is running the same discount on PC and PlayStation 5. On the Xbox, the Gunmancer Pack DLC is available with a 25% discount as a part of the Deluxe Edition.

Wizard with a Gun

As you explore deeper into the most dangerous areas of the Shatter, you will find bounties with awesome rewards. You must be careful though, because they come with challenges of increasing difficulty. Defeat the adversaries to complete these missions and collect well-deserved rewards, in addition to extraordinary new fireworks, at the Bounty Mechana.

A huge range of new weapons also awaits your arrival in Bountu of Guns. There are more than 50 new firearms, including the minigun, the mortar, or a two-handed SMG. Each of them comes with unique properties, powers, and uses. You can even store and display them on your Gun Display, the new furniture available for your tower.

The Bounty of Guns update also comes with four mini-bosses, along with Ambush Events that randomly trigger as you explore the Overworld. Additionally, the Wizard with a Gun Bounty Hunter Bundle includes recipes for Musketeer, Barbarian, and Potionmaker outfits for €6.89.