Wizard With a Gun Slinging Spells a Day Early

Nothing More Magic Than Bullets 

It’s time to step into the world of The Shatter, wizard. It’s the end of the world and the only thing you have left are your spells, and your guns. Hopefully, that arsenal is enough to deal with the creatures of chaos. Today, Galvanic Games and Devolver Digital are excited to announce that their co-op survival game, Wizard With a Gun, is out now a day ahead of schedule. Arriving on Steam a day early, the game allows players to try to survive a world shrouded with chaos and evil. A launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the game itself, including its firearm-fueled gameplay. 

Wizard-With-A-Gun Title Art, colorful wizards

Wizard With a Gun places players in a chaotic and dark world where they will try to survive. Interestingly, this world is a magical place teeming with wild and uncontrollable magic that has changed the entire state of the world itself. Here, players will try to survive by building a base, gathering resources, and fighting monsters. Importantly, crafting plays a major role in the game as it allows players to infuse bullets with special spells to help battle stronger and stronger monsters. Of course, as wizards, players can expect a wide range of spells and spellcraft to tackle most situations. Yet, when magic won’t work, bullets will have to do.

Players can check out the game in the new launch trailer. View the trailer below for a cinematic look at the game.

Wizard With a Gun is out now on PC, via Steam. It will also release for PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.