Be the Ruler: Britannia Shares Its Saga in the Official Trailer

Rediscover Medieval Times in Be the Ruler: Britannia

The indie game studio is proud to announce the release of the official trailer for its highly anticipated title, Be the Ruler: Britannia. The game offers an immersive experience of the tumultuous Anglo-Saxon era of England. Challenge yourself to become the ultimate monarch and claim the title of Bretwalda before the Norman Conquest arrives.

Be the Ruler: Britannia is a strategy adventure RPG where your choices shape how the story unfolds. Become a king in the early medieval England and shape the destiny of the kingdom throughout history. You can even build a dynasty and play as the descendants later.

As the king, you will be responsible for all the aspects of the kingdom. Wear the crown with pride and form allies with the neighboring land. All the while defending yourself from military invasions, organizing wars, and conquering territories alongside other historical figures.

Key features:

– Historical Epoch: Lead your dynasty from 871 to 1066, navigating the rise of Alfred and the Norman invasion.

– Military Focus: Develop military strength, engage in battles, and conquer territories to fuel kingdom growth.

– Dynamic Relationship: Build alliances, grant titles, and make critical decisions in a world shaped by interpersonal connections.

– Timely Consequences: Events unfold within a specific time frame, with immediate and future repercussions.

– Intrigue and Romance: Navigate a layer of plots and romances, employing both military and diplomatic strategies for dominance.

– Auto-Battle System: Experience battles in auto-battler format and manage the economy through construction, appointments, and decrees.

Be the Ruler: Britannia is coming out on PC via Steam, however there is no release date for now. Make sure to stay tuned for further updates.