Ripout Gets Monstrous in New Update

Meet the Bulwark 

The mutant threat is growing. Yet, you’re going to have some new gear to deal with them. A new monstrosity is lurking about the ship. Killing it isn’t going to be easy. However, it is going to be necessary for your own survival. It’s time to lock and load, and mow down these mutants. Today, 3D Realms and Pet Project Games are excited to announce the launch of the latest content update for their co-op horror game, Ripout. The update, titled “Monstrous”, is inviting players a host of new content. For instance, players can expect a new enemy type, new side arm, new mission type, and more. Of course, a trailer gives gamers a glimpse of what they are dealing with. 


Ripout is introducing players to a deadly and terrifying reality in the 22nd century. Dropping players into a derelict battleship overrun with mutants, the game allows them to team up with their friends and their trusty pet gun and try to survive. Importantly, aside from very few allies, everything on the ship wants you dead. To make matters worse, the game involves a specific, unique, gameplay mechanic that allows mutants to upgrade themselves. Of course, this means that the mutants will continue to become more and more dangerous as players advance through the game.

Importantly, the introduction of the “Monstrous” update is bringing even more danger to players. In fact, the update features a brand-new enemy type: The Bulwark. This fully-shielded monstrosity comes packing a mini-gun and a bad temper. Players will have to wait for the right moment to strike. Yet, with the new buckshot sidearm they will have the firepower to take it down. Of course, there are many other things coming with the update and players can check them out in the trailer.

Ripout is available on PC via Steam Early Access.