Magical Girl Dash Is Coming to PlayStation Consoles

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey in Magical Girl Dash

Developer Synnergy Circle Games and publisher Midnight Works are proud to announce that Magical Girl Dash is making its way to PlayStation consoles. There is no release date or window for now but stick around for future updates. Moreover, the game is already available on PC via Steam for only $0.99.

Magical Girl Dash

Magical Girl Dash is a 2D retro arcade shooter where you fight against the forces of evil while running. Step inside the shoes of Sophie, a normal school girl who is secretly a magical girl fighting against evil forces that threaten the world. Help her rescue stolen recipes, stop the alien feline invasion, and protect her favorite bakery.

Sophie got two special moves, a long-range magical attack and a powerful kick for a short distance. Run throughout the city defeating swarms of alien cats. The tricky part is that some enemies can only be defeated using one of the attacks.

There is a leaderboard system for everyone to compete for the highest score in online and local modes. Challenge yourself or your friends from all over the world and mark your name on the global leaderboard. The visuals are also pixelated with classic inspired soundtracks accompanying you throughout the journey.

Key features:

– Run and Shoot: You must run, jump, dodge, and shoot to increase your score.

– Cute Magical Girl Game: The game takes inspiration from classic magical girl-related media.

– Save the Bakery: Evil aliens have stolen the recipes, retrieve them at all costs to save your beloved bakery.

– Retro Art: Charming and beautiful 16-bit pixel art style.

– Online and Local Highscore: Defeat enemies, collect stars, and find sweets to increase your score.

– Multiple powerups: Find powerups that make the magical attacks more powerful.