Ripout, Horror Co-Op, Shares Update Video Ahead of 2023 Release

True Horror Action 

Welcome to the 22nd century. Humanity is scattered amongst the stars. However, they aren’t alone. Horror beyond imagining are lurking. Today, Pet Project Games is happy to give players a deeper look at their co-op horror shooter, Ripout, with a development update video. Importantly, the video gives players more insights about the game before its 2023 release. Additionally, a press release dives into more details about the game. 


Ripout is introducing players to a nightmare in the 22nd century. Players find themselves aboard a derelict battleship. Left to survive against hordes of mutants. Humanity’s tech meant to save them in battle against alien species has turned on them. Now, it is up to you to survive these threats. Importantly, Ripout introduces players to a unique combat system where enemies able to reconfigure their bodies and assimilate other enemies. Of course, this means enemies will reassemble into horrific conglomerations. This means players will need to adapt to ever-evolving and changing threats. Killing them is harder than it looks. Through procedurally generated levels, and with sentient weapons by your side, players will face off against these horrors with friends. 

Importantly, you can get a look at what is to come with the new development video. In fact, the video shows off the improvements the developers have been implementing as the release date nears. Check it out below. 

Ripout is planning a PC, PlayStation and Xbox release in 2023. Of course, more information is available on the game’s website. So, do you have your squad picked out?