Bots Are Stupid Brings Programming Puzzle Fun to Steam Today

Silly Little Robots 

Robots are only as smart as we program them to be right? Now, what if we needed to use them to solve puzzles? Well now you can find out. Today Yogscast Games are happy to announce the release of their programming puzzler, Bots are Stupid. Out now on Steam, the game aims to combine precision platformer and puzzle games, with an infinite amount of robots thrown in. A press release goes into more details about the game. Additionally, players can check out the launch trailer for a look at the game. 

Bots are Stupid

Bots are Stupid brings players to the forefront of some head-scratching puzzles. Importantly, the players are gonna have a lot of attempts to figure them out. Using commands, brought to you by the game’s simple programming language, players will order the bots to carry out tasks. Of course, this is how you go about solving puzzles. Teach your bots to overcome obstacles. Importantly, this can mean anything from teaching them to use grappling hooks, utilize speed boosts, and more. Let’s just hope you don’t kill to many in the learning process. In addition to campaign levels players can work to master, there is also the option to create levels of your own and share them with the world. 

Players can get a look at the bot busting gameplay in the new launch trailer. Check out everything from the art style to the gameplay, and even a little of the commanding you’ll be doing. View the launch trailer below. 

Bots are Stupid is out now for PC via Steam. Currently the game is available for $12.99. So, ready to program some bots?