Lil Guardsman Becomes a GDWC Finalist

Lil Game, Big Achievement 

It’s always an awesome feeling to be recognized for your hard work and talent. Especially when you happen to have made a game and been recognized by your peers for it. Of course, it’s one thing to be recognized for simply the final product. Yet, being noticed as a developer has got to feel even better. Today, Developer Hilltop Studios announced that their point-and-click deduction game, Lil Guardsman, is a GDWC Finalist. The GDWC, the Game Development World Championship , aims to celebrate games and the developers that make them. Additionally, in total the GDWC has had entries from over 36,000 different developers with over 1 million dollars in prizes given away. Now, it seems Lil Guardsman is up in the finals. 

Lil Guardsman

Lil Guardsman puts the player in the shoes of the titular character, Lil. As the daughter of a city guard, she will sometimes fill in for his duties while he is away. Now, it is up to players and Lil to properly protect the city. Interestingly, players will explore a fantasy city and conduct deductive measures around people trying to enter the city. Obviously, as a guardsman, Lil will need to properly interrogate those coming and going with an assortment of skills and tools at her disposal.  Additionally, the game manages to tell its narrative through dialogue and humor.

Perhaps Lil Guardsman’s mix of humor, engaging gameplay and fun art style are the reason it is in the GDWC finals. Gamers who have yet to see the game can get a look at it in the release trailer. Importantly, you can view the trailer below.

Of course, Lil Guardsman is out now on  PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles.