Sea of Stars Reflects on its Greatest Moments in New Trailer

Award Winning Greatness

Reflecting is nice. It gives one the chance to revel in their accomplishments. Sometimes, it even lets others share in those achievements. Of course, when it comes to games, sharing is a way to get some more eyes on the game. Even highly successful and well received games sometimes need to reflect. Today, Sabotage Studio is happy to unveil a new accolades trailer for their hit turn-based RPG, Sea of Stars. Recently surpassing 4 million players, the game allows players to step into a world inspired by old-school RPGs and full of modern features. Importantly, the accolades trailer gives new and old players alike a glimpse at some of the highlights of Seas of Stars. 

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars introduces players to two children of the solstice, Valere and Zale. These children are blessed and as such are carrying a a great responsibility. As the children, players will embark on a quest to stand against horrifying creatures and save the world. Interestingly, the game invokes memories of old-school RPGs with its turn-based combat and top-down view in certain aspects. Yet, there are modern twists to the game that add some more to it. For instance, the quick-time events work in transforming the combat into something more active. ‘

Of course, Seas of Stars has been universally lauded as an amazing experience. For instance,  IGN gives the game an 8/10, Gamespot says it’s a 9/10. However, there are many more accolades to share. So, be sure to check out the new accolades trailer below.

Sea of Stars is out now on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. In addition to the accolades trailer, players can also look forward to the new physical editions of the game.