Sea of Stars SkyRockets With 4 Million Players

Shoot for the Stars 

Stellar games get stellar results. Sometimes, those results are actually astronomical. Yet, at the same time, not at all surprising for such a well received game. Today, Sabotage Studio is excited to declare their hit  turn-based RPG, Sea of Stars, has surpassed 4 million players. Released less than four months ago, the game has been sailing to popularity. Inviting players to a classic RPG experience with more modern mechanics and features. Of course, a launch trailer from earlier this year gives, those who haven’t, a chance to check out the game. 

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars introduces players to two children of the solstice, Valere and Zale. Being children of the Solstice blesses them with a great responsibility to become Solstice Warriors. Together they must stand against horrifying creatures and work to save the world. Importantly, the game itself is an adventure much like the classic RPGs of the golden era. A top down view, that is full of exciting sights and beautiful art work. Yet, the turn-based combat is designed with modern sensibilities in mind. Featuring quick-time events that transport the battles into more active combat, players can learn to boost their own damage and more. 

Excitingly, the game has almost unanimous positive reviews. IGN gives the game an 8/10, Gamespot rates it a 9/10, and Metacritic scores it an 87/100. Check out the game’s launch trailer for a look at what gamers can expect from the game. View the trailer below. 

Sea of Stars is out now on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC