Infestation 88 Unleashes the Horror in the Official Reveal Trailer

Take a Look at Infestation 88

Nightmare Forge Games just dropped the official reveal trailer of their upcoming Mickey Mouse-inspired title, Infestation 88. It showcases the grim world filled with horrors in every corner and the dangerous mission that awaits the players. Moreover, it will be coming to PC via Steam sometime this year, so stay tuned for more updates.

Infestation 88 is a co-op horror game that blends nostalgia and terror. As an exterminator, you will confront and treat sinister infestations caused by twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends.

Infestation 88

In 1988, what initially appeared to be a mere vermin outbreak evolved into a much darker threat. The game emerges as an episodic survival horror game for 1-4 players, where you and your friends assume the roles of exterminators tasked with addressing these enigmatic infestations.

You and your team will explore various locations and uncover the story behind how everything began. Employ cameras to monitor activities closely. Sustain power to different systems and find the origin at all costs.

Employ a diverse range of extermination equipment to subdue the outbreak. Eliminate all nests and monstrous creatures that lurk within. Move quickly when possible, find shelter, and assist your friends—just ensure you don’t succumb to the relentless spread of the infestation. Get ready to confront some horrific entity from classic characters and urban legends.

Key features:

– Replayability: Randomized item layouts, unpredictable AI, custom settings, and more
– Progression: Gain experience, skins, perks, items, and other unlockables
– NVIDIA DLSS Support: Experience stunning visuals without sacrificing frame rate

Make sure to watch the official trailer right below.