Nirvana Noir Official Reveal Trailer Is Finally Here

Immerse in the Cosmic City of Nirvana Noir

Get ready to be mesmerized! Developer Feral Cat Den and publisher Fellow Traveller have officially released a reveal trailer for their upcoming title Nirvana Noir. It is a story-driven point-and-click adventure game that takes place beyond time and space.

The game is a follow-up of the award-winning 2021 title, Genesis Noir but with a standalone story. It dives deeper into the city and the cosmic beings, bringing new gameplay, exploration, and mechanics.

No Man’s actions during the Genesis Noir have resulted in two parallel realities, the Black Rapture and the Constant Testament. A Bigger Bang threatens both realities and it is up to him to uncover the conspiracies behind the threats. And save the cosmic city from an impending doom.

In Black Rapture, No Man works on finishing the complicated mechanisms of a clocktower. But he is soon disrupted when a series of arsons break out. Meanwhile, the Constant Testament serves as an explosion of color and sin. The cops forced No Man to research a dangerous new narcotic whose appearance is linked to an old flame. Travel across the different realities to save both of them.

The game still features the seamless blend of animation and interactivity that we saw in the previous title. However, it expands on all the things that made Genesis Noir a wholesome and compelling game. It still has various unique puzzles that must be solved to unravel the mysteries. Skillbard’s music and sound design give the perfect noir vibe to the game as well.

Nirvana Noir will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.