Isopod: A Webbed Spin-off Reveal Trailer Is Finally Here

Become a Tiny Isopod

It is a happy day for all the bug lovers! The small indie game studio Sbug Games has officially announced their upcoming project Isopod: A Webbed Spin-off. The team also dropped a reveal trailer on their official YouTube page along with the announcement. Moreover, you can put the game on your wish list on Steam right now.

Isopod: A Webbed Spin-off is a 3D platformer exploration game that takes place in the vibrant and wonderful world of Webbed. You will become a tiny pill-bug living in a big world. You will roll, zip, and slam your way through the gorgeous landscapes of the Australian bush. Meet fellow bugs along the way and fight against the greedy Fire Ant Conglomerate.

The developer was good enough to give you a brief manual on what to do when you become an isopod. We have listed it just for you:

– Eat some leaves
– Meet a spider wizard
– Swing about with your trusty Magnet Drive
– Smack down the Fire Ant Conglomerate’s corporate guards
– Remove heavy metals from the soil
– Blow up a pipeline
– Unite your fellow bugs and reclaim the bush!
– Be a ball

If you are a fan of Webbed or 3D platforming games, you should definitely keep an eye out for this one.