Kind Words 2 (lofi city pop) Officially Revealed for PC

Always Remember to Share Some Kind Words

Kindness goes a long way in life! The indie video game studio Popcannibal has officially revealed Kind Words 2 for Steam. It is a re-made version of the original 2019 title Kind Words. And it comes along with polished gameplay and visuals with more accessible UI.

Kind Words 2 is a game about being kind to real people. It is a very positive title that is warm, cozy, and delightful at the same time. Players can write and receive anonymous letters from others around the world. The letters can be about anything, from everyday struggles to hopes and dreams. Everyone can respond to requests with letters of comfort, sympathy, or gentle advice.

You can sit in your cozy room and write your letters, or go outside to say hi to your neighbors. Swap amazing stickers with one another, dress up for the poetry slam, and fulfill your wishes in a community of real people. There are no prompts or objectives, just the freedom to connect and share with others.

The cool part is that both the prequel and the sequel run on one big server. This means that everyone can swap letters and stickers on either game however they want. Remember, sometimes all we need are some kind words.