Picayune Dreams Is Out Now on PC

Explore the Space in Picayune Dreams

2 Left Thumbs, Stepford, Andyland, and Milkypossum’s collaborative title Picayune Dreams is now available on PC via Steam for just $5. It is a psychedelic action roguelike game that takes inspiration from multiple titles. That includes the horde survival of Vampire Survivors, the bullet hell of the Touhou series, Yume Nikki’s surrealism, and Diablo’s power scaling and item visualization.

Picayune Dreams

In Piyune Dreams, you get lost in the infinite expanse of space filled with mind-warping, bullet-hell nightmares. Now you must fight against endless hordes of inter-dimensional beings to ensure your survival. It is a very challenging task that will test your skills, endurance, and perseverance. There are terrifying bosses as well that will surely provide adrenaline-rushing battles.

Explore a psychedelic atmosphere with tons of secrets that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story has multiple layers, meaning the more you think you know, the more complicated it becomes. It also provides depth and context for you to explore every corner of Picayune Dreams.

Key features:

– Bullet heaven levels
– Bullet hell bosses
– LOADS of powers and upgrades
– A mysterious story to uncover
– Blitzing breakcore OST from Milkypossum

Take a look at the official release trailer below.