William and Sly Will Arrive on Steam Next Week

Explore a Cozy Open World in William and Sly

The indie game developer Lucas Paakh and publisher 2 Left Thumbs have announced the official release date of William and Sly today. This amazing open-world 3D adventure game will launch on PC via Steam on 26 February 2024, inviting everyone to relive the golden age of browser gaming.

William and Sly

William and Sly is a 3D open-world adventure game based on the popular ‘William and Sly’ Flash games, reimagined in an entirely new style. You will step inside the shoes of a fox and explore awesome landscapes in search of mushrooms. This includes lush valleys, soaring mountains, peaceful coasts, and other areas.

Enjoy the game at your own pace and untangle the magical machinations of a dark enchantress. With more than ten hours of fun experience and different things to discover, it promises a relaxing time suitable for people of all ages. If you are a fan of the original series, then we are sure you will love this one.

Key features:

– Beautiful 3D Open-World Exploration.
– 15 Unique Meditative Songs.
– 10+ hours Of Compelling Gameplay.
– FREE Demo Available.
– ‘Collectathon’ Elements.
– Minigames & Secrets To Discover.
– No Health – No Enemies!

The original games in the series, William and Sly: Classic Collection are also available for free on Steam. You can download it right now and dive into it.