The Silent Swan Is Now Available on PlayStation 5 and PC

The Swans Are the Clues

Get ready to dive into an amazing story! The developer Praenaris and editor Gammera Nest have officially launched their latest title The Silent Swan on PlayStation 5 and PC. It is a single-player narrative adventure game with a mysterious and immersive setting. Moreover, a neat physical edition is also available in partnership with Selecta Play for the PlayStation 5.

The Silent Swan

In The Silent Swan, you will play as Mirov Kavrazyma and must explore The Land Beyond the Walls. Your goal is to find your wife Selene, who is the only witness to the Fall. She has vanished leaving behind a trail of letters in the form of paper swans. These swans contain all the secrets of The Fall.

Mirov will enter the cradle of the catastrophe to discover why his lineage is sinking in misfortune. Along the way, he will unveil the history of two cities: Urzhum and Sernur; of two conflicts: past and future; and of two people: Selene and yourself.

The game is played in first-person and it combines brain-teasing puzzles and an engaging story. You can even consider it as a walking and exploration simulator with a lot of poetry. The design of the levels are large monolithic urban areas and various dialogues appear that help the player on their way.

If you are a fan of narrative-driven open-world games, you should definitely check this out.