Snowman Story Brought Its Heartwarming Tale on Steam

Snowman Story Will Melt Your Heart

The Japanese indie video game developer Odencat is happy to announce that Snowman Story is now available on Steam. This 2019 narrative adventure game is the winner of the Google Indie Games Festival 2020 award. It is available on the platform for just $3.99 with a 20% launch discount.

Additionally, this new Steam version also features some improvements and quality-of-life additions.

Snowman Story

Snowman Story is about a snowman Chris who was brought to life one cold winter’s day by a lonely boy. He lived a simple and content life. However, a cackling crow reveals to him that he will get melted as soon as the weather gets warm. Chris decides to embark on a journey to find an arctic paradise where he can be safe from the coming spring.

Along the way, he will meet a host of friendly woodland critters. They will guide and help him on his way through the game’s icy puzzle stages. Chris will also follow in the footsteps of other snowmen, each with their own tragic stories of how they failed. He must use their memories to avoid going towards the same fate.

This new Steam version still has the charm of the original mobile game, but adds these new features:

– Controller support and landscape mode
– Additional voice effects for all characters
– New and improved English translation

With all these new improvements, we are sure that this cozy Christmas story is the perfect game for this holiday season. Also, make sure to check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of Chris’s adventure.