Raindrop Sprinters Is Now Available on Steam

Avoid the Rain in Raindrop Sprinters

Get ready for some nostalgic experience! Publisher Mediascape and developer room_909 have finally released their amazing retro title Raindrop Sprinters on Steam. The game originally launched for the Nintendo Switch this year, and now it is bringing the arcade action on PC.

Moreover, you can purchase it right now on Steam for just $7.99 with a 20% launch discount. Hurry up and grab your copy because this offer will end on 26 December.

Raindrop Sprinters

Raindrop Sprinters is a 2D retro fixed-screen action game with a very simple mechanic. You must move left and right and run across passages while avoiding the rain. You can also enter slow-motion by pressing a button which will make it easier to avoid the raindrops.

The cool part is that the game is filled with fun secrets, however, you’ll need to make risky plays to discover them. It has four different game modes, namely:

– Standard: Just avoid the rain
– Customize: Choose your own items and obstacles
– Onrush: Enjoy playing with slow-motion
– Maverick: Keep catching the rain

Master each mode and strive for a score of one million points. Achieve the objective five times at the highest level to see the ending.

The key features are:

– Network rankings
– Vertical (tate) mode
– Pixel-perfect option