Rearview Mirror Will Start Its Story on Steam This Month

Enjoy the Story of Rearview Mirror

The independent development studio CUBUS GAMES SL has announced the release date for their upcoming title Rearview Mirror. This amazing narrative video game will be launching on Steam on 25 January 2024. You can add it to your wishlist right now to get access to it as soon as possible.

Rearview Mirror

Rearview Mirror is an immersive narrative-driven adventure game that takes place in a perilous world. The story unfolds inside a car journey through dangerous streets. It centers around Salvatore Marino, a man on a quest for redemption following the loss of everything he held dear, all in the name of his principles of honor and loyalty.

Faced with a fresh chance, Salvatore grapples with the dilemma of either reconstructing his life or succumbing to previous temptations. All the while yearning for a clean slate. Constrained by his criminal history, he hesitantly accepts a driving job offered by former associates with a criminal past, aspiring to embark on a new beginning.

However, while driving mysterious passengers, he uncovers their engagement in unlawful activities. This complicates his efforts to steer clear of returning to the criminal underworld. Amid these challenges, a seductive woman adds further temptation to his journey, putting Salvatore’s determination to remain on the righteous course to the test.

Key features:

– Immersive Adventure Setting: Rearview Mirror is a game set in a perilous world, experienced through a dangerous car journey.
– Protagonist’s Journey: Salvatore Marino seeks redemption after losing everything due to his principles.
– Central Conflict: Salvatore faces the dilemma of rebuilding his life or succumbing to past temptations.
– Obstacles and Choices: Hindered by his criminal record, he reluctantly takes a job from ex-criminals, discovering their illegal dealings.
– Temptation: A seductive woman adds further temptation, testing Salvatore’s resolve to stay on the right path.