The End of You Will Make Its Way to Steam and in June

Immerse Yourself in the End of You

Memory of God, the solo developer behind The Stillness of the Wind has announced the release date for his first new project in over 5 years, The End of You. It will be coming out on PC via Steam and on 20th June 2024. So, get ready to immerse yourself in an emotional story about loss, the ghosts of the past, and the painful crawl toward closure.

The End of You

The End of You is a short, emotional narrative game that follows the story of Walter, a middle-aged man. He is reluctantly packing away all the objects from a past relationship. And unsurprisingly, heartbreak exists in every crack and the most ordinary items.

Immerse yourself in his bedroom apartment. Watch TV, listen to cassette tapes, browse the shelves, take a shower, chill on the sofa, smoke on the balcony, or try to get some sleep. Do anything necessary to anything to avoid confronting the uncomfortable memories of the past. There is shame and regret behind every choice you make as you repeat the same mistakes.

Wrestle with Walter’s mental health, and listen to the whispers of old memories. And ultimately, hopefully, find some closure about the inevitable end of the relationship. The game offers an average playtime of less than an hour and presents a whole narrative journey in one sitting.