Survivors of the Dawn Is Now Available on Steam Early Access

Become the Best Bounty Hunter

The micro video game studio indieGiant has launched its debut title Survivors of the Dawn on PC via Early Access. The game is available on Steam right now for $7.99 with a 20% discount. There is also a demo version on the same platform as well for everyone to try out.

Survivors of the Dawn is a run-based, action roguelike bullet heaven game set in a sci-fi universe. It takes inspiration from titles like Slay the Spire, Risk of Rain, Vampire Survivors, and DOOM. The game masterfully merges the best roguelike elements with a survivor-like genre. All the while providing a strategic experience that relies on tactics.

Survivors of the Dawn

You will play as a bounty hunter and try to survive against hordes of enemies by slaughtering them to bits and pieces. Build awesome weapon-item synergies and complete tasks to upgrade the bullets, weapons, and items. You must travel through different interstellar planets and engage in adrenaline-pumping experiences.

Additionally, the developer is planning to introduce new levels, characters, weapons, items, longer contents, map-based challenges, and more in future updates. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

The key features are:

– Weapon synergies are the new weapon evolution
– Myriads of enemies but optimized gameplay
– Item variations: Get stackable items off bounty capsules dropped from enemies you slaughter or the random shop points
– Level up your characters’ weapons at random shops on the map
– Complete the tasks at terminals in the maps with destinations on their own and get bounties
– Random events: lead the in-game balance like the frequency of hordes dominance is on you
– Create weapon-item synergies to survive the dawn stronger the sooner