Racine Battles Its Way Onto PC Today

Slay the Spirits in Racine

It’s time to build the best set of cards. Dark Root Gardeners and Goblinz Studio have finally released their latest title Racine on PC via Steam and GOG today. You can purchase the game right now for just  $,9,99 / €9,99 / £8.99 respectively.


Racine is a deckbuilding autobattler strategy roguelike game where you collect and use your cards to increase your hero’s stats or cast powerful spells. This will help you influence the outcome of your battles. However, you have to be quick on your feet and execute them swiftly as the fights take place in real-time. Meaning, the enemies can attack you at sight whether you use your cards or not.

The status boosts that you provided on your character will still be there between each battle. So, do not sweat about it. Take your time and select the cards that you need on your journey wisely.

Here are some key features of the game:

– Dynamic real-time combat with increasing intensity: Quickly use your cards to give your character a chance to survive not only the current fight but also the ones to come.

– Manage your character appropriately: Act fast but not too hastily, the intensity of the fights will keep increasing so you need to optimize your character’s boosts properly.

– Build your deck: You may choose different kinds of cards to take with you on your journey according to your play style.

– Gather new praying cards: Explore various areas to find powerful cards that will help you on your journey. Find ancient shrines and sacred sites to discover the cards they hide.

– Start to uncover the secrets of this world: Seek the answers to the mystery of violent spirits. And unveil a part of the truth about the roots of the world you wander.