Anode Heart Is Arriving on Steam This Month

Find Nostalgia in Anode Heart

Get ready to tame and make friends with some amazing monsters. The solo developer Stochastic has shared that its upcoming title Anode Heart will arrive on Steam on 17 November. Moreover, a playable demo is already available on the same platform for everyone to try out.

Anode Heart

Anode Heart is a semi-open world, monster-tamer RPG that draws heavy inspiration from Digimon and Pokemon games from the early 2000s PSX and GBA eras with a modern twist. It takes place in a futuristic environment where physical and virtual reality have become almost indistinguishable from one another.

You will play as Seek, a robot with no memories or recollection about the past. You wake up suddenly next to a metallic pod on a foggy shore and this is where your journey begins. Explore the pixelated world of Stack Island and partner with mysterious creatures called Tama.

These creatures are born inside the Net, that have recently started materializing in the Overworld. Your mission is to find out who and what you are and prevent a great calamity with the help of Tama.

The key features are:

– 140+ Tameable creatures (30-ish available in the Demo)
– 300+ techs that they can learn
– Fast battling system
– Card battle minigame
– Breeding/Rebooting monsters for greater stats
– Semi-open world
– 20+ Unique overworld areas
– 40 recruitable characters