CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Release Date Announcement

Run Like the Wind

The indie game studio RDST Games has finally announced the release date for its upcoming title CTRL+ALT+REPEAT. The game will be available on PC via Steam for just $4.00 USD with a launch discount.


CTRL+ALT+REPEAT is a 3D multiplayer platformer where you race against the clock and your friends in awesome parkour style. The game features 64 hand-crafted levels across 4 worlds and it requires complete focus and patience to complete the stage.

There are tons of challenges and obstacles that will be a hindrance to you. This includes sweepers, Ferris wheels, lava, jump pads, rotating drums, conveyor belts, boulders, and more. However, as you progress, you will unlock increasingly complex and amazing maneuvering abilities.

This is what the developer of the game said: “I really wanted to make a solid movement system that was somewhat challenging to master and a little bit frustrating at times. I wanted the levels to feel achievable but difficult. I also wanted the parkour mechanics to feel tight and robust. CTRL+ALT+REPEAT features some movement mechanics that I love in games: Wall running, grappling/rope swinging, gliding, rail grinding, and more.”

If you are a fan of casual games that you can enjoy with your friends, then you should definitely keep an eye out for this one. And make sure to check out the official trailer below.