My Time at Sandrock Out Now on Consoles and PC

My Time at Sandrock Makes Its Way to Consoles and PC Today

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey in the Wild West-inspired world of My Time at Sandrock. This acclaimed construction RPG and life sim is now available on PC, Switch, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PS5. You can check out our review here! This eagerly awaited sequel to the award-winning My Time at Portia has already made its mark during its time in Early Access on Epic Games Store and Steam.

My Time at Sandrock invites players to save a town teetering on the edge of collapse and revive it to its former glory. With vast open-world exploration, character customization, workshop upgrades, and interactions with Sandrock’s residents, this open-world adventure promises a rich gaming experience.

Furthermore, there are engaging quests and over 30 captivating characters with their own stories that await you. Excitingly, it adds depth and immersion to your journey in Sandrock. In addition, gather resources, create machinery, cultivate crops, rear animals, and sell your products in a dynamic marketplace.

My Time at Sandrock


One of the game’s most exciting features is its cooperative multiplayer functionality. This feature is already available on PC and set to arrive as a free update for consoles in the summer of 2024. Team up with friends to unleash creativity, battle monsters, or simply enjoy the game together.

In short, My Time at Sandrock expands upon the beloved My Time at Portia franchise. This title offers an enriched gaming experience with the added excitement of cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Don’t miss the opportunity to craft, explore, and build dreams in this captivating world.

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