HeistGeist Released a Brand-New Official Story Trailer

Dive Inside the Story of HeistGeist

The independent video game studio Doublequote Studio unveiled a brand-new story trailer for its upcoming game HeistGeist. It is a story-driven cyberpunk RPG with card-based combat. The game is planned to be released sometime in 2024 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Moreover, a demo version is already available on Steam for everyone to try out.

HeistGeist follows the story of Alexandra, a double-crossed and street-savvy thief fleeing the aftermath of a job that went horribly wrong. Chased by evil corporate killers and a vindictive client, Alexandra finds herself on a dangerous journey for survival. All the while, gearing up for the most significant heist of her existence.

The story unfolds in an innovative future cyberpunk realm inspired by actual places in a fictionalized rendition of Central Europe in the 2040s.  So, prepare to assemble a team of experts, execute complex heists, engage in battles based on cards, and break through the most heavily guarded corporate systems.

The key features are:

– Pull off high-stakes heists in which every choice matters
– Follow an original cyberpunk story full of twists and intrigue with a fully voiced cast of characters
– Fight your enemies in card-based battles where sequencing and powerful combinations are the key to your success
– Build a deck that suits your playstyle
– Use cyberspace to hack into secure servers in unique card-based puzzles